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This is How to Make the World Better Today

This is How to Make the World Better Today
Callie Ward

The world really seems to be down doesn’t it?

It seems the only news is negative and sad. We are exasperated at the sadness and it’s easy to think there really isn’t anything we can do to make the world a better place. But, that is where you are wrong.

If we each set out to make today a better day for another person, wouldn’t the world feel the shift? All it takes is a smile and a hello. Take the time to notice and acknowledge the human standing next to you.

We all have those days where we are going through the motions but we are not really connecting with others. But connection is critical. Why?

Bottom line, we all want to feel like we count and are important.

It begins at home and then our workplace. For all of us working in the health care industries remember, the person sitting in front of you is not just another patient, it is your friend.

If they are not your friend, make an effort to become friends. Why? Because that’s how we are all really fed. We all want to be heard and seen, we want to make someone smile.

When we say hello and smile, we feel better. Try it, I dare you!

Make the most of your day, make the most of your opportunity to make the world better, starting with the person sitting right in front of you.

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