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The Definition of ‘Oral Health’ Recently Received an Official Update

February 13, 2017 |

If you were to ask your patients what the definition of “oral health” is, how do you think they’d respond?


Mostly likely (and probably with a bit of a guilty conscience) they’d say that oral health simply means to … Read More

Debunking 3 of the Biggest Myths About Bad Breath

January 5, 2017 |

Ever had a close encounter with someone whose breath was treacherous enough to peel paint off nearby walls? We hope you have, cause if not—you’re the one with the death-inducing odor.


All jokes aside, bad breath is a terribleRead More

Oral Health: E-Cigarettes Aren’t Doing Your Mouth Any Favors

December 19, 2016 |

You’ve heard of “vaping,” right?


If not, the idea is simple—using battery-operated e-cigarettes, a handheld liquid solution is heated until it vaporizes. From there, when the user “puffs” the device, the newly produced vapor is inhaled and a brief … Read More

4 Tips for Crafting Incredible (and Quick) Dental Blog Copy

December 15, 2016 | 1

You’re a dental professional—not a writer.


Still, as we’ve talked about in the past, in our increasingly digital day and age, producing high-quality guest blog copy is more of a necessity now than ever before.


No joke—whether used … Read More

Contest Finalist: The Struggle of the Ego

December 5, 2016 |

This piece is a finalist in our December article contest. We will be publishing all finalists in the next few weeks. To cast your vote, simply like and share the article on any social media platform or here on ReminMedia. … Read More

What Your Dental Scrubs Say About Your Personality

November 28, 2016 |

According to recent research, it takes less than seven seconds for the average person to make a first impression. With that in mind, whether you’re a general dentist, assistant or hygienist, what kind of message do your dental scrubs transmit?

Read More

10 Dental Office Holiday Decor Hacks

November 21, 2016 |

The holidays are here! While most stores have been decorated for Christmas since before Halloween, chances are good your busy dental office is just getting in the decor game. Fear not! We have 10 of the easiest dental office holiday … Read More

What 3D Imaging Means for the Future of Dentistry

November 11, 2016 |


Remember the “The Jetsons”?



Though a simple cartoon, the futuristic world in which the featured family lived was fun to consider. It was the sixties, and the thought of things like flying cars almost seemed … Read More

Why Your Practice Should Begin Writing Kick-Ass Articles for Remin Media—TODAY!

November 7, 2016 |


Forgive the PG-13 language in the title, but it’s the honest truth—here at Remin Media, we’re THAT excited that you’ve made it here.


Seriously, it shows that you’d at least consider writing top-notch, industry-leading articles for us.


Read More

What David Bowie Can Teach Us About Making Change

October 20, 2016 |

I listened to the song Changes by David Bowie and it got me thinking. Change is inevitable. It is the one constant in our lives we can count on.

The real question is, how do you handle change?

Change … Read More