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4 Tips for Crafting Incredible (and Quick) Dental Blog Copy

4 Tips for Crafting Incredible (and Quick) Dental Blog Copy

You’re a dental professional—not a writer.


Still, as we’ve talked about in the past, in our increasingly digital day and age, producing high-quality guest blog copy is more of a necessity now than ever before.


No joke—whether used to build rapport with Google, position yourself as an authority within the greater dental community or for free B2B marketing outreach, guest blogging is one of the best digital marketing tools in your arsenal.


There’s only one potential problem, though—if you’ve never blogged a day in your life, producing blog posts for larger, more authoritative publications can seem terrifying …


Good news—we just so happen to know a thing or two about blogging and are happy to share a few insider tips with both you and your word processor—keep reading to check ‘em out:



1) Put Yourself In Your Readers’ Shoes

There’s a reason niche forums perform so well online—the most devout members tend to understand each other very well. Because of this, camaraderie—along with a bit of loyalty, as well—is quickly built.


As a guest blogger, you’re to do the exact same thing.




Because of this, whether you’re an orthodontist, general dentist, dental assistant or lab technician, when you write, speak specifically to what you know. By so doing, you’ll connect on a deeper level with your target audience.


Remember—it’s emotion that keeps readers coming back for more.


2) Give Your Title Some Time and Attention

You’re not a copywriter, but the first rule of great blog copy is to put some real effort into your title. In fact, it was the “Father of Advertising,” David Ogilvy, who once famously said, “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”




To maximize time and energy, create titles that include numbers, how-to answers, negatives, specificity and audience referencing. No, there’s no need to stoop to icky clickbait levels (think BuzzFeed), but your title is what will largely be responsible for earning clicks.



3) Build Out Your Basic Ideas

Do you remember what it was like to write papers back in high school?


More often than not, you were forced to produce an in-depth outline before busting out your final draft. Listen, though you might’ve hated the practice as an acne-ridden teenager, when writing a blog post as a full-blown dental expert, it’s not a bad idea.




There’s no need to get carried away with anything, but once you’ve built out your headline, dedicate some time to jotting down your subheadings, too. That way, you attack the writing of a blog post in smaller, more manageable chunks.


Trust us on this one—do this, and the quality of your writing will improve.



4) Don’t Think—Just Write

This last tip is the most important, yet the hardest to implement—stop thinking, and start writing.


Have you ever sat at your computer, staring at a blank Word document for hours on end? It’s terrifying, and because of experiences like this, far too many gifted dental professionals pass on guest blogging, thinking that they’re simply not cut out for any kind of editorial endeavor …


Here’s the deal—you don’t need to produce perfect blog copy the first time around.




At least initially, kick grammar, wording and organization to the curb. Besides, once your rough draft is done, you can go back and make any edits you see necessary.


Even better, the heavy-lifting (the bulk of the writing) will have already been taken care of.



Ready to Give This a Shot?


Talk is cheap—why not get started with some guest blogging as soon as humanly possible?


Instead of taking to Google to find a dental publication or two that’s open to guest post submissions, we’re happy to offer you the chance to write right now—click here.


You’ve got nothing to worry about—no matter your level of blogging experience, we want to hear from you! It’s your experience and firsthand insights we’re after—not your impressive writing portfolio.


Ready to finally give this a shot? You’ve got nothing to lose—best of luck!

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