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How to Achieve Olympic-Sized Success in Your Practice

How to Achieve Olympic-Sized Success in Your Practice
Callie Ward

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed watching the Olympics for so many reasons. I love to see
people realize their dreams and give it their all.  What strikes me though, is how
easy they make it all seem.  As an audience we don’t see all the early morning
practices or the sacrifices the athletes made to reach their goals.  We don’t see the behind the scenes coaching and video analytics to help them get progressively better and better.

It struck me too to see these athletes internal drive; their unwavering focus on a single goal: to be the best. What sets an Olympic medalist apart from the regular athlete or regular person? The internal drive and personal responsibility they feel to attain that goal.  They know no one else can do the work in order to get them to the podium, they have to do it.


We all set goals, we all think it would be so nice if… AND the reality of reaching those goals lies in
YOU.  Not in your office coaching.  It lies in how committed YOU are to make changes to get to your GOAL.  If you are half committed, you will only get half way to your goal.  You can’t blame that on anything other than your lack of commitment.  There are factors that affect the result, but the effort comes from you.  I love how Russell Wilson puts this in his commencement speech to Wisconsin.  His father taught him about potential.  You all have “potential”.  HUGE POTENTIAL.  But, potential means NOTHING unless YOU do something with it. It is like the freshly tilled field.  The rows are all nice and neat.  The potential for that field is huge, but it is dependent upon many external factors.  Those factors such as watering the field, fertilizing it, weeding the field, how much sunshine it gets, what the weather is like.  The farmer has to TEND to his field and make changes or adjustments according to the things that are happening to it on a daily basis.

Your practice is the same.  You have to analyze and make adjustments to your systems and the
outcomes.  You have to actively work on your practice, not just in it.   It doesn’t matter where your practice it, what your patient base is or what you think is happening in your practice.  You have to know how to respond to the situations and find the best result.  You have to try different things
until you find what works best for your practice.  The athletes in the Olympics pay attention to everything that they possibly can.  They get the most current training and coaching.  They get physical therapy to work through the growing pains.  They analyze their competition and they push themselves to train harder.  They work with their coaches and they continue to believe in themselves.  You and you alone create your reality.  Life happens, but you choose how to respond!  Choose to be positive and be better than you were yesterday!

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