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How Tap Shoes Can Help Get You a Raise

How Tap Shoes Can Help Get You a Raise
Laura Moriarity

My 7 year old daughter just put on my late grandmother’s tap shoes. She was instantly transformed, like Cinderella reinventing herself from maid to maiden. Her entire posture changed instantly. Even though I saw a lanky 7 year old jumping, twirling and attempting to River Dance while awkwardly flailing her arms, she danced with the confidence of a professional. After a few moments, so drawn to her confidence, I had forgotten she had never tap danced a day in her life. The way she believed in herself transformed my vision of her as well.

What role do you wish you could play in your office but are too apprehensive or self-conscious? What conversation should you be having with patients, but aren’t because you worry how they may go? What CE course do you really want to take, but are afraid to ask the doctor to consider paying for it? Do you deserve a raise? More responsibility? Whatever it is, it is time to make it happen. So, find your ‘tap shoes’ – whatever you need to help visualize yourself succeeding. Put it on, and go for it with enthusiasm. If you believe it is your time to shine, chances are, you will.

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