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Dental office life

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Call-Tracking for Your Dental Practice

October 15, 2015 |

In the last decade, call-tracking software has improved by leaps and bounds. It’s now possible to get detailed information on lost opportunities, new patient calls, conversion rates, and the actual return on investment (ROI) from your advertising campaigns. Has your … Read More

Neuroscience: 3 Dental Office Hacks to Increase Treatment Acceptance

October 2, 2015 |

According to neuroscience experts, 95 to 99.99 percent of thoughts, emotions, and learning occurs without our conscious awareness. Yet dental professionals spend all of their time appealing to the .01 to 5 percent of the cognitive, rational areas of the … Read More

How to Have a Less Shitty Parent/Dentist Relationship

September 8, 2015 |

Sitting your kid in a dentist’s chair is akin to laying there naked yourself. From the dentist’s point of view, you have GOT to hate it too. Nobody wants to tell me my kids’ teeth are dirty and we need … Read More

3 Secrets to Keeping Your Teeth Long After Retirement

September 3, 2015 |

So you’re pushing the retirement envelope. Or you are thinking: What age will I pull the retirement pin.


Lots of people out there are telling you how to get your ducks in a row. But, nobody’s talking teeth. You use … Read More

Mid-Level Providers: Friend or Foe?

September 2, 2015 |

Since Alaska adopted the idea of the dental therapist as a solution to access to care, other states have been considering this as an option. The “mid-level provider” practitioner, as they’ve come to be called, can perform certain procedures, even … Read More

Corporate Dentistry and It’s Impact on Quality Care

August 20, 2015 |

Owning and operating a small business has long been a part of dentistry.  We are not given much training in dental school on how to run a business, how to optimize our websites or how to grow a dental practice … Read More

Demi Lovato Shaves My Head on National TV

August 18, 2015 |


How did Demi Lovato end up shaving my head on national television?




Well, my team at Southern California Dental Health Associates is passionate about giving back to our community. We participate in several charity drives throughout … Read More

Corporate Dentistry: What it means to me

August 13, 2015 | 1

Corporate dentistry is growing. I think we have all thought about the personal impact it may have on our practices and our profession. I worry more sometimes about what it means for our patients.


I have been practicing dentistry … Read More

Even Madonna Faces Denture Stigma

August 10, 2015 |

At this year’s Coachella festival, pop icon Madonna gave the rapper Drake a provocative, mouthy kiss on stage. Unfortunately, the kiss turned ugly––Drake’s onstage reaction was described as “disgusted” in publications like US Magazine. Even uglier was the media storm: videos and articles … Read More

6 Reasons You Should Offer Facial Enhancements to Your Patients

August 4, 2015 |

 From an outside perspective, dentists are thought of as the men and women who know teeth. We’re generalized and often minimized as knowing crowns, cuspids, and cavities; and sometimes the pigeonholing isn’t only done by our patients- we do it … Read More