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Being Friends With Your Patients Leads to Great Benefits

June 16, 2016 |

How do you know if someone is your friend? For me, someone is my friend if we share in each others lives; we take the time to be together. We have things in common, we feel a sense of loyalty … Read More

5 Reasons Dental Market Forces are Causing a Shift Toward Dental Membership Plans

June 13, 2016 |

Dental membership plans are becoming a much talked about addition to dental practices.  They are popping up in corporate offices and private practice all over the nation. If you are still wondering if being the Amazon Prime of … Read More

Want to Bill Medical Insurance in Your Dental Office? Learn the Basics First

June 9, 2016 |

At Links2Success, we help dental practices learn to bill medical insurance for medically necessary procedures. Billing medical insurance helps your patients afford necessary treatments and helps you expand your practice. Before you jump into medical billing, it helps to understand … Read More

If Your Dental Office Isn’t Using Medical Billing, Your Patients May Suffer

June 1, 2016 |

Dental care is expensive, and many of your patients may only have minimal dental coverage. This can cause big problems when they need extensive treatments due to medical conditions. Too many people avoid getting adequate treatment for conditions like TMD, … Read More

You Can’t Pay Bills with Branding

May 26, 2016 |

We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but for many in dentistry, that’s all they’ve got.


Very few people get to truly pull back the curtain on the business side of dentistry and evaluate a … Read More

How the Kolbe Assessment Helps Me Build a Better Dental Team

May 19, 2016 |

You’ve posted a job, collected resumes, and held interviews. You’ve narrowed the pool of applicants from hundreds down to a handful. The remaining candidates are all conscientious, seem to have pleasant personalities, and have excellent work histories and references. How … Read More

Dental Office, or Dental Wellness Center? Embracing the Future of Dental Practice

May 12, 2016 |

It’s time for the traditional dental office to meet the twenty-first century. In the past, the dentist was a place people went to have teeth cleaned, cavities filled, and dentures made. Oral health was a special kind of health, totally … Read More

10 Easy Ways to Stop Missing Calls and Losing New Patients

May 2, 2016 | 1

Does your staff do a good job answering the phone, or do they miss calls? How do you know? By “missed” we mean a call that goes to voicemail, get’s a busy signal or the caller hangs up because no … Read More

Q&A with President and CEO of Boka – James Hagen

April 18, 2016 | 1

CEO and President of Boka James Hagen answered some of our burning questions as a follow up to the recent publication:

4 Dental Companies Jump on the ‘Subscription Box’ Trend – Does it Work?


We wanted to know a … Read More

Beyond SEO: 5 Essential Elements of a Successful Dental Office Website

April 14, 2016 | 1

Is your dental office website optimized to attract new patients, or just to attract search engines? Here are 5 must-haves for a patient-friendly site.


How are new patients finding your dental practice? Chances are, if they’re like 90% of … Read More