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5 Issues That Get in the Way of Hiring Good Employees

April 23, 2015 |

My background is in the corporate world. I’ve worked in sales, management, recruiting and human resources. When my husband wanted me to come to work in his dental office I did a lot of research. I learned very quickly the … Read More

Reclaim Your Sanity as a Leader with this 3 Part Strategy

April 21, 2015 |

There comes a point in nearly every dental practice owner’s career when the rat maze is just too long, and the bit of cheese you find tucked in the corner is no longer satisfying. If you’ve experienced the wrong end of … Read More

Rotten Apples Sink

April 13, 2015 |

About a year ago I was on flight to NYC. Now, like most business travelers I’m not generally one for chit-chat, however, the gentleman seated next to me looked like he’d been beaten with sack of door knobs and it … Read More

Real Challenges of an Office Manager

April 9, 2015 |

We would like to welcome our newest contributor, Laura Hatch! Here is Part 1 of her series on finding rock star front office employees.


I would like to start by stating the fact that I am a dental office … Read More

What can gratitude and faith do for your business?

April 3, 2015 |

It’s Good Friday, a time to reflect on the meaning of Easter Sunday. I grew up in the deep south – the bible belt – in a good Southern Baptist family. I now live in the state of Washington – … Read More

Hedonic adaptation and the happiness treadmill

March 26, 2015 | 1

A sign in a window read: “Right now someone with less than you, is happy.”


I’ll admit, for bumper-sticker psychology this ranks pretty high. From a young age, we’re conditioned to compare our happiness to the assumed happiness of … Read More

65% of dentists are wrong about their dental lab…are you one of them?

March 24, 2015 | 1

Police in Springfield, OH, responded to a call about a man who had been shooting a gun repeatedly. After apprehending the man, they searched his home and made an unlikely discovery in the basement: what looked to be an illegal dental laboratory. … Read More

When to let a patient walk out, even if you need the money

March 19, 2015 |

Dental school prepared us to manage things like gum disease, caries, and prepare teeth for crowns and bridges, but what it didn’t teach us was the hard stuff.


Like when to let a patient walk out the door even … Read More

6 Things the Dental Team Expects From Their Leader

March 10, 2015 | 1

Human beings are complex, and leading a group of people is not for the faint of heart, the spineless, the heartless or the unkind. With the multiplicity of the human personality, how does one navigate the needs of their team while … Read More

Increase Profits Without Raising Fees

March 4, 2015 | 1

Billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims to insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a provider at your dental practice. That definition may seem obvious, but your dental office may be … Read More