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What can gratitude and faith do for your business?

What can gratitude and faith do for your business?
Vicki McManus

It’s Good Friday, a time to reflect on the meaning of Easter Sunday. I grew up in the deep south – the bible belt – in a good Southern Baptist family. I now live in the state of Washington – the state of “none”. According the census bureau Washatonian’s response to the ‘What religious affiliations do you hold’? was marked ‘none’ more often than any other state.


I find that deeply liberating. Without the rules and rigors of religious stereotypes, people are free to practice their faith in a more inclusive way.


I think this is a concept that can easily translate into our dental practices. Chris Moriarity touched on this in his post regarding Hedonic Adaptation. We sometimes get so caught up in labeling people and experiences that we forget to simply have gratitude for all the blessings we experience.


Starting today, you can remove the labels you’ve placed on people and totally change the culture of your business. I dare say that the most impassioned thing we can do to move our dental practices forward is to exercise a little faith in each other.


Sometimes the softer emotions are the most difficult to express. This week practice using one of the most underused phrases in the English language – “I’m sorry”. Let’s come together by getting rid of preconceived notions, and take ownership for our mistakes to mend fences with teammates.

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