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Real Challenges of an Office Manager

Real Challenges of an Office Manager
Laura Hatch

We would like to welcome our newest contributor, Laura Hatch! Here is Part 1 of her series on finding rock star front office employees.


I would like to start by stating the fact that I am a dental office manager and very proud to be one.  The dental office manager is a vital in a dental office though we are different than any other person on the team. We fall between the clinical staff and the owner, on an island all alone.  We are responsible for the management of the team, the day to day flow of the dental office and achievement of the office goals.  Yet most of the time we don’t have the final say in significant decisions…it is an interesting place to be.

I did not grow up wanting and yearning to be a dental office manager. Honestly, I never even knew the job existed. However, I happened to marry a great guy I met in college that aspired to be a dentist.  I know that I am not alone in my falling backward into this role, I have met hundreds of dental office managers and dental front office teams, most of whom never thought they would end up working in the front of a dental office.

While we all love what we do, I believe this is one of the biggest challenges facing dental offices.

In effect, the owner and manager of a business are endeavoring to reach goals, provide great customer service, motivate the team, get patients to purchase services, and be profitable.  They are also responsible for recruiting and hiring of the team, which in my experience can make or break your business.

But here is the kicker—neither the owner nor the manager has formal training in how to make this happen!

In my previous life, I was a professional recruiter in corporate America. I fully understand the ins and outs of finding the right employees.  In this series, I will outline necessary steps to find the employees that are motivated, easy to train and that will turn out to be the next dental front office rock star.

Check back soon for Laura’s post on 5 issues that get in the way of hiring good employees!

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