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Reclaim Your Sanity as a Leader with this 3 Part Strategy

Reclaim Your Sanity as a Leader with this 3 Part Strategy
Vicki McManus

There comes a point in nearly every dental practice owner’s career when the rat maze
is just too long, and the bit of cheese you find tucked in the corner is no longer
satisfying. If you’ve experienced the wrong end of a team rebellion, or the short
end of the payroll stick, you know what I’m talking about. Frustration over lack of accountability and structure can be enough to drive anyone nuts. Trust me–I’ve been there.

The good news, I have developed a 3 part strategy that has helped me, and many others reclaim their sanity, but it takes work. It will require commitment, structure and accountability triggers–are you ready?



Commitment is an ambiguous phrase, often misused to simply end a conversation with
the hopes that others forget what we promised. “Lisa can you call the lab and check
on that case?” “Sure” says Lisa. You then discover, as the patient is sitting in the
chair, the call was never made.

So how do we enact commitment in the practice? First, give it structure, then
follow-up with accountability triggers.


Commitment: We agree to uphold all OSHA standards.

This is fine. An agreed upon commitment is important, however a commitment without structure is just a wish. The next thing you must do is give the commitment bones.



Print weekly, monthly, and annual checklists for completing protocols. Make sure to assign an accountable person to complete these lists each week.

There, now your commitment to uphold all OSHA standards has been given the building blocks for success. But, we often get busy (well, we are always busy) and commitments, even those with structure can sometimes be forgotten or pushed down the priority list. So, how do we ensure we are staying on track? You must also put some smart accountability triggers in place.

Accountability Triggers

Create recurring calendar events with alarms to remind the accountable person each week to complete the task. Calendar quarterly team updates, and annual CPR, OSHA, HIPPA renewal trainings.

Can you see the difference? Simply stating that you are committed to being OSHA
compliant is a far cry from actually getting the work done!


Sanity Challenge

Follow the CSA Formula (commitment, structure, accountability triggers) to create
structure in these critical areas of your business:

  • Profitability and Overhead Management
  • Standing Orders for Radiographs, and Medical History Updates
  • Close of Day Procedures
  • Insurance Processing Procedures (including checking clearing house and resubmittals)

As a leader – here is the real key: put accountability triggers on your calendar to
verify the work of others. Great leaders follow the mantra of “trust but verify”.


Ready to commit to your success? Then stop complaining about the team and start
getting involved in creating true strategy and a system for accountability.

PS: Want my Standing Orders for Radiographs to use as a template to develop legally
compliant protocols for your office? Email me:

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