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Your Superpower is the Antidote to Mediocre Team Performance…So Use It!

Your Superpower is the Antidote to Mediocre Team Performance…So Use It!
Callie Ward

Doctors, are you feeling like you’ve got a million things you wish your team would do a little bit differently, but you just roll with the mediocrity because you don’t have time to change things?

I am here to tell you its time to step up to the plate and be a leader.


Here is the deal, your team is only going to be as good as your training.  Did you hear that?  You have to intentionally train your team to follow procedures and systems the way YOU want them to.  If you do not train your team, you are the one to blame.

Often doctors feel like ‘training’ is a bad word. Like taking time to sharpen skills will be met with grumbling and eye rolling. But hear me when I say training is part of the job, it is not a negative endeavor to train your team.

Think about this: If something happens in the course of a day that doesn’t go the way that you wish it would have, then see it not as a failure, but as “training opportunity”.  Create a culture where your team expects you to take those opportunities to grow them and make the next day even better.

I know, you are thinking you already have a million things to do.  You are too busy and these people are professionals they should already know what to do! 

The problem with that kind of thinking is your team is only doing things the way they have always been done. The don’t know you want things done differently unless you let them know and train them how to do it correctly.

What can you do?

1. Set aside 30 minutes at the end of each week for team training.

2. Review the previous day’s work during your morning huddle to see how the day went. Was there a hiccup?

3. If there was a hiccup, that is your opportunity for your next weekly training topic.

4. Intentionally train your team to perform in a manner that better serves the patient and better serves the business.


Trust me when I tell you that people want to know how to do their job well and make their boss happy. It is your job to be the boss and train the skills that are lacking.


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