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How the Traditional Nylon Toothbrush May Be Contributing to Patients’ Gum Disease

July 28, 2016 |

Dentists and dental hygienists routinely give advice to patients on brushing techniques; brushing frequency and the type of toothpaste that will best prevent decay.

There is often little focus on a patient’s toothbrush. There might be a mention that a … Read More

In-House Dental Savings Plans in a Post-ACA World: Are They Still Worth It?

July 25, 2016 |

Once upon a time, in-house dental savings plans (DSPs) made sense. After all, many of your patients didn’t have dental insurance but needed treatment. But now, with ACA, everyone should have insurance, right? Why should you put together an in-house … Read More

How a $30,000 Ferrari Helps with Case Acceptance

July 21, 2016 |

I was recently lecturing to a group of dentists in Chicago.  The topic of the hour was ‘value.’


I despise this word, but almost every doc I speak to believes they can create value through education. Granted, over a … Read More

Because Everyone Needs a Good Laugh Today

July 18, 2016 |

Let’s be honest, it has been a rough couple of weeks in the world. That is why when we came across this amazing Instagram account showing people having a genuinely good time (at the dentist no less), we couldn’t wait … Read More

Building Your Dream Practice Begins with Raising Your LID

July 14, 2016 |

Ok, I know what you are thinking. Raising my what?? Stay with me for a minute. Before becoming a coach, I trained in person with John Maxwell, who has consistently ranked as the world’s #1 Leadership Guru for many years … Read More

The Best Dental Card Trick of All Time

July 11, 2016 |

Our very own Remin contributor Chris Moriarity wowed the internet with his recent card trick. It is just too good not to share! Enjoy!




The worlds greatest #dental card trick, check it out!

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July 7, 2016 |

There’s been a lot of exiting going on in recent history. Great Britain’s citizens just voted to sever its membership from the European Union. It’s been indelibly named as Brexit. Great Britain remains intact. Earlier in June 2016, the California … Read More

What Working in a Pedo Office is Really Like

June 30, 2016 |

When I get up to go to work in the morning I feel like FLOTUS on Sesame Street…I’m going to change the world one baby tooth at a time!




Then…I try to get my first child … Read More

Expert Panel: Top Mistakes New Authors Make and How to Avoid Them

June 27, 2016 |

Publishing is a fantastic way to gain exposure and establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your field. While just about anyone can submit articles for publication, some are far more successful at seeing themselves in print–often because they … Read More

1 Podcast You Don’t Want to Miss This Week

June 23, 2016 |

Dr. Christopher Phelps (one of our stellar contributors) was recently featured on The Dental Hacks Podcast…and spoiler…he killed it.


You don’t want to miss this episode.


He also let us in on a few nuggets of wisdom regarding … Read More