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Social Media Marketing (SMM) Decoded

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Decoded
Austin Kelly

As we shared last time, in SEO decoded, computer nerds have a special way of communicating. If you are a dental professional and have zero idea what your online presence is, or tune out when ‘those internet people’ start talking, then this series is for you!


Social Media Marketing (SMM) Dry definition:

“Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.”


Social media is simply a conversation.

If you have someone running your social media sites for you (social media manager) then think of them as your talent agent.

You want an agent who knows all the right things to say about you, and says them to the right people without seeming desperate; they highlight your strengths, all the while, screening your weaknesses.


SMM image


They also know where potential movie producers (patients) might be hanging out, and insert themselves in those spaces to spread your message.

If you tell them, “I’d love to start treating more 30-somethings in my practice.” A good social media manager should be able give you an idea of the best platforms to target that demographic.

Just like a good talent agent can get you into the roles you fit best, your Social Media Marketing will appeal to just the right crowd of people through your social media outlets.

Next we will decode ‘Engagement’.

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