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Dear Dentist: An open letter from your dental insurance “partner”

Dear Dentist: An open letter from your dental insurance “partner”
Bob Bowers

Dear Participating Dentist,

This letter is to address some of the complaints we have received lately from our participating dentists with regard to our dental insurance business practices.


1. Yes, we decline valid pre-authorizations and claims on purpose.

Why? The slower the payout the better, and hopefully, it demotivates the patient enough to opt out of getting treatment altogether. Win – win for us!


2. Yes, we are trying to limit treatment with our coverage.

Haven’t you noticed we are redefining codes so as to limit payouts? No, you can’t take bitewings the same day as a pano. No, you can’t do buildups on the same day as prep and expect to get paid. Have you not read the “least costly alternative clause”? We are a business dumb ass, not a non-profit


3. No, we are not going to negotiate your fees.

Go ahead and hire that consultant and see if they can help you negotiate your fees. We will drag you along until you give up or decide to drop us. If you drop us, then we may consider negotiating fees after you have informed all of your patients. Maybe.


4. Yes, we will make unilateral changes to your contract without telling you.

Hey, we sent you a notice after the fact giving you the opportunity to accept it or… well just accept it.


5. Yes, we know about the current rapid growth of in-house membership plans.

Don’t worry, we have a massive misinformation campaign about the legalities of in-house membership plans and a letter notification to audit your last 5 years of patient revenues to scare you from offering one. We don’t like competition. Will you post the letter on the dental forums for us? Thanks.



6. Yes, we will tell your patients you are screwing them over

We really don’t care if you like or don’t like our business practices. If you try and drop us or share the truth about “dental insurance” with your patients, we will just send them a letter letting them know you are just trying to screw them over with all of your newfangled equipment, over diagnosis, and pushy sales techniques. It isn’t like they really need teeth to survive anyway.




Dental Insurance Bureaucrat

ACBC Dental Insurance

11000 Screwville St

New York, NY 10010


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