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6 ways to improve your dental Facebook page to get more patients

6 ways to improve your dental Facebook page to get more patients
Bob Bowers

81% of adults are on the internet. The largest social media outlet used is Facebook. I think we can all agree that if you aren’t paying much attention to your practice Facebook account, it is probably time to start.  Using Facebook correctly can build your brand and bring in new patients, who doesn’t want that?

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Here are some recommendations on how to improve your Facebook page.


  1. Make a “page” not just a “profile”

A number of dental practices simply use the dentist’s personal profile for the dental practice business, or create a new “personal profile” page for the business. Personal profiles are for non-commercial use and “pages” offer businesses a number of additional features such as analytics and advertising options. It is possible to convert your practice personal profile page to a business page if you have a lot of followers. But simply creating a new page may be the best bet.


  1. Update your profile to match your brand

Facebook allows you to update multiple areas of the practice page to match the branding of your practice. Fill out all the relevant “page” information including your industry, website address, and contact information. Make sure your profile picture and cover photo align with the imagery and logos of your brand. The name of the page should also match the name of your practice improving the public’s ability to find current and relevant informational posts.  It can be very confusing for patients if the name of your practice is “Sunshine Dentistry”, the name of your Facebook page is “Dr. Bob Smith DDS”, and your web address is It can be similarly confusing if your web imagery and logos do not align with the imagery and profile pictures on your Facebook Page. Make it easy for your audience to get to know you.


  1. Set a schedule for creating posts

Define a schedule that allows you adequate time to create and manage your Facebook posts. I personally prefer coming in half an hour early and planning the social media posts for the day. But, many dental practices with active Facebook pages block schedule a time during the week or even on the weekends to create their posts for the week and then use the “post scheduling” feature to schedule the posts for the week.  One post a day (including weekends) is recommended for ideal exposure without loss of engagement.


  1. Have a posting strategy focused on your Ideal Patient Profile

Have you defined your Ideal Patient Profile? Knowing exactly what type of patients you want to attract to your practice should drive your posting strategy. Are you looking for fee for service patients without insurance, boomers needing significant restorative care, growing families requiring basic care, or professionals wanting cosmetic care?  Your posts should reflect the IPP you are looking to attract. If you are looking for uninsured patients, don’t be afraid to come right out and say it!


If you do not have dental insurance, we have multiple options available just for you!

  1. Be authentic

This may be the most important tip to remember. Reposting links to general dental “noise” does not drive engagement, nor does it demonstrate how your practice is different. Instead, show some before and after pictures of recent cases. Post photos of you, your staff, and some of your favorite patients (IPP’s). If you do link to other articles, clarify for patients why that article is important to you and how it is connected to your mission. Do not be afraid to post pictures of your family, local events you attend, or images of the places and businesses that you enjoy in your community.

Be very careful about outsourcing your social media marketing. It can be grossly obvious when a marketing/PR agency is performing the social media responsibilities for a business. You want your patients knowing they are really truly talking to YOU when they engage on Facebook.


  1. Respond to engagement

Be sure to reply when people comment, even if it is just to thank them for giving their two cents. Everyone wants to feel like their comments and posts matter, and acknowledging them goes a long way to increasing engagement. That increased engagement is what drives word of mouth advertising and new patient acquisition.

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