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8 reasons Dr. Kutsch’s team sticks with him…(one for 33 years!)

8 reasons Dr. Kutsch’s team sticks with him…(one for 33 years!)
Dr. V Kim Kutsch

Dr. Kutsch surveyed his team (many of them have been with him for over 22 years) to find out why they have stayed so long.  Their responses offer insight into how to build a team that wants to stay with you.

Dr. Kutsch's Admin Team

Dr. Kutsch’s Admin Team

It is common to think that salary is the most important factor of an employee’s satisfaction with their job, but when people are surveyed on the topic they indicate that feeling appreciated is the number one characteristic they seek.



Dr. Kutsch's Hygiene Team

Dr. Kutsch’s Hygiene Team

A close second to appreciation is the ability to maintain a work-life balance.

Next, they value possibility for development and growth, personal advancement and finally salary.

My dental team has been with me a long time, many of them over 22 years and the longest at 33 years.


Dr. Kutsch's Assisting Team

Dr. Kutsch’s Assisting Team

I wondered if my team fit the survey profile or if my practice was offering something different that kept them coming back day after day.  I thought I’d go directly to the source and so I surveyed my team. I asked them, what is important to you about your job and why have you stayed here so long?

I have to share with you that almost all of them see themselves as life-long members of the team and plan to retire here. Here is their response:


  1. Supportive leadership by passionate individuals who love what they do
  2. Clarity of vision and mission statement
  3. Positive, safe work environment, generous, realistic and problem solving attitude
  4. Loyalty, between the dentist and the team members
  5. Everybody is treated with respect. Both patients and coworkers
  6. Strong sense of community among the team. Everyone has a strong work ethic and supports each other. The working environment is like a family, each team member truly cares about one another
  7. The team is focused on the patients success in their dental journey as well as their life journey. Every patient matters
  8. The focus is on people first, not monetary goals


I also answered the question as to why I thought my team has been so loyal. I truly believe a major element is: the happiness factor.

You can’t have a happy team if you are not happy yourself. You can’t create a positive team environment if you are internally unhappy. Leadership comes from the top down, there’s no way around that

I found it interesting that salary and benefits were not brought up by any team member.

I must share with you that my team is well rewarded in that regard, but it didn’t appear on their list. I think the most important thing for everybody in their life’s work is to feel that they are making a difference in the lives of others. That what they are doing matters, and it is more than just a job.

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