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Content Marketing with Trade Journal Articles: Reaching the Right People

Content Marketing with Trade Journal Articles: Reaching the Right People
Laura Moriarity

Do you write articles for trade journals? If you don’t you’re missing out on a valuable authority –based marketing opportunity.  Trade magazines are valuable because they reach the people most likely to be interested in your products and services.


For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 151,500 dentists currently working in the US, including specialists. Dental Economics, one of the major trade publications, boasts 100,000 subscribers. A well-placed article in Dental Economics gives you access to about 2/3 of the working dentists in the nation.



While mass market magazines have much larger circulation numbers than trade journals, they don’t give you the same ability to reach out to a carefully targeted audience.  What can an article in a trade journal give you?

– Increased name and visual recognition to the people who most need your services

– A chance to establish yourself as an expert in your field

– Links to your professional website or email, so that prospective clients can reach out

– An opportunity to increase you advertising ROI by running one of your ads alongside your article

– A way to establish relationships with editors and other recognized authorities in the field

– Online publications that you can link from your website and promote from your social media accounts

– A great way to add a ‘Professional Publications’ section to your CV

– A platform that you can eventually turn into media appearances or conference slots

Articles in trade magazines are a great way to jump start your career.


Getting Started with Articles

If articles are so important, why don’t more of your competitors publish in trade journals?  Publishing articles is more time consuming and takes more thought than simple blog posts.  You need to come up with a narrow subject that will appeal to the magazine’s audience, pitch your idea to editors, and then write your article so that it fits within the magazine’s guidelines.  Many professionals aren’t used to writing to someone else’s requirements, so the prospect of writing an article scares them.


It’s also important to be persistent. It takes time to learn to distinguish an outright rejection letter from a request for revisions. Most articles will require at least one round of revisions before they’re ready for publication, which means you have to swallow your pride, listen to the editor, and make cuts and changes. At this point in the process, many professionals give up and go home. It’s easier just to run a few ads, right?



However, if you’re willing to stick it out, learn the market, and ask for advice, professional articles can help your business thrive. When people are looking for a consultant, they’ll remember you and your articles. Publications help you expand your portfolio beyond testimonials and give your satisfied clients something to share with colleagues.


Trade journals need original, engaging content to draw in their subscribers. You need a platform, so that you can reach people in your field and tell them about your great ideas. It’s the perfect partnership, if you can overcome your fear of writing and rejection and get your articles out there.


Unsure of where to start? WellPut can help you write, edit, and pitch your articles to a variety of trade journals. 

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