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About Christopher Phelps

Dr. Christopher Phelps

Hi, I’m Dr. Christopher Phelps, Contributor for Remin Media

I am an entrepreneur and general dentist who understands how to get more new patients in the door and how to use the science of the ethical influence and persuasion process to get more of them to say YES to my treatment recommendations.




  • Developed the Call Tracker ROI system to help identify Lost New Patient Opportunities such as Not Answering NP phone calls and Not scheduling new patient opportunity appointments that come in from the marketing sources you are paying for.  It also proves whether your marketing is providing enough of quantity and quality of new patients that actually come into the office to justify its expense.  We currently help Docs in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK.
  • Am the only dentist or health care provider in the world who is a Cialdini Method (of influence) Certified Trainer. 
  • I wrote a book: Grow Your Practice With Wine & Cheese on how I created a Dental $avings Plan for those without insurance and went to active living retirement communities to promote it and added over $1,450,000in revenue for just one of my practices as a result.
  • In my first 7 years of practice I grew from one location averaging $600,000 in collections per year to 4 locations averaging $6,500.000.
  • I sold two of my 4 offices, which had combined to collect $1,700,000, 3 years later the two offices combined collected over $6,000,000 in revenue, basically doing with 2 offices what I had been doing with 4.
  • General Dentist who performs sedation, places implants, performs sinus lifts, endodontic therapy as well as full orthodontic treatment to his patients.
  • I understand marketing better than most who provide marketing services for a living and am adamant about making sure whatever you are spending your money on is providing you with a return on investment–and if it’s not, you will know exactly why.
  • Problem solving. I don’t go looking for a problem, but when one is in front of me I can’t help but figure it out.
  • Start up practices (3 of mine collected over $1,000,000 in their first year) and turn around practices (one office I ought at $600,000 and was doing $1,800,000 within 2 years).

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