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About Chris Moriarity

Chris Moriarity

Hi, I’m Chris Moriarity, Contributor for Remin Media

The business of dentistry is exactly that… a business! Watching hard work pay off and business grow is the reason I get up in the morning.







  • I swear too much, and I’m working on that
  • I can deadlift almost 500 pounds
  • Almost 5’10″… so close
  • Accomplished public speaker
  • Unapologetically passionate

Founding-Contributor Bronze-Contributor





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Numbers Don’t Lie….Or Do They? -

Three men on a road trip decide to grab a cheap hotel for the night. The price of the room is $30.00.  In the morning, they each pitch in $10.00 ($10.00 X 3 = $30.00) and begin to leave. The ... Read More

Complex Terms and Simple Solutions -

Let me just start with a simple truth. The universe isn’t conspiring for or against anyone. Successful dentists aren’t part of some chosen sect and struggling offices aren’t hopeless.


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5 Questions Every Patient Should Ask Before Getting a Dental Implant -

Dear Patient,


Before you consider dental implants, please do your research. Not all implants or implant doctors are created equal. Implants are amazing and can change your life, but be sure you know exactly what you are getting. Here ... Read More

How a $30,000 Ferrari Helps with Case Acceptance -

I was recently lecturing to a group of dentists in Chicago.  The topic of the hour was ‘value.’


I despise this word, but almost every doc I speak to believes they can create value through education. Granted, over a ... Read More

You Can’t Pay Bills with Branding -

We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but for many in dentistry, that’s all they’ve got.


Very few people get to truly pull back the curtain on the business side of dentistry and evaluate a ... Read More

One Act Play -

Dentistry tends to be fairly systematic and lends itself well to scale. If one doc can run three ops, then two can run 6, 3 can run 9 and so on. We can replicate each bundle on into infinity provided ... Read More

3 Shocking Things Dental Offices Still Aren’t Doing -

With 2016 on horizon, many offices are looking back on what went well, what didn’t go well, or maybe asking what the hell happened in 2015.


In an effort to kick 2016 off on the right foot I’ve created a ... Read More

How to Stop Spending Your Sailboat Fund on Your Office Website -

Before you read any of this…take 30 seconds and click on this link.


When it comes to building and updating office websites, we all feel the same pain and frustration. As soon as things are up and ... Read More

Seatbelts, Metal Spikes and Metrics -

Day-to-day my task is simple: find more effective ways for people to grow their businesses. Depending on the client, place and time we often fall into an exaggerated sense of urgency. This acceleration leads to shortsighted thinking and unintended consequences.

... Read More
The Controversial Reason You Shouldn’t Treat All Your Patients the Same -

If you missed the first two posts in this series, go here and here first. We have been opening eyes to the myth of ‘creating value’ and then offering real solutions for how to make real impact. Here is the ... Read More