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10 Tips to Solve Your Dental Blogging Woes

10 Tips to Solve Your Dental Blogging Woes
Laura Moriarity

Are you stressing about your web page’s SEO and Google search ranking? Are you trying to stuff kewords into pages so Google will like you? If you are, stop.


Google loves fresh content, sites that are updated often, comments, and above all, sites that offer useful information. So if you think you need to stuff your webpage full of keywords, think again. Google has been there, done that and has moved on to bigger and better things. One of the best ways to give Google what it wants is to start (or resurrect) your blog.


Blogging is not only great for Google ranking, it is actually good for your business, check out these stats from HubSpot:

Companies that blog have far better marketing results. Specifically, the average company that blogs has:

– 55% more visitors

– 97% more inbound links

– 434% more indexed pages


Are you convinced yet?

Maybe you are thinking…I would love to blog but I don’t have anything interesting to say.

Here are a few things that may help get the wheels turning and your fingers typing:


1. Don’t write about dentistry

Sounds counterintuitive, but it is okay to blog about your life. Blog about your kids, your observations, your hobbies. Anything you share about your personal life will be a way to relate to your patients. Tell them about your skiing trip. Let them see pictures of your family. Sharing insight into your real life makes you trustworthy and approachable as their doctor.


2. Dig through your old material

Did you do a webinar last year about a community oral health initiative? Did you do write a paper about implants that never went anywhere? Great! Reuse the material for a blog post or series. Break the information down into a list i.e. 5 Ways to Improve Birmingham’s Oral Health, and there you go!


3. Use a blog title generator

These are the best kept secrets in my opinion. Simply type in a keyword or topic and these sites spit out great headline options. Some favorites include:

HubSpots Blog Topic Generator

BlogAbout by Impact

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Here are a few samples that came up using the phrase: brushing your teeth

10 Quick Tips About Brushing Your Teeth
Why We Love Brushing Your Teeth (And You Should, Too!)
The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Brushing Your Teeth


Crazy easy right?!


4. Find a writer on your team

Maybe you aren’t the best person for the blogging job. Ask your team. Find someone who is interested in keeping it up and let them do it!


5. Have a little fun

Highlight patients, do a ‘behind the scenes’ of the office, be silly, have a little fun. People want to see you let your hair down a bit.


6. Use video, photos and other media

If you hate writing, then start a vlog. Do short video’s each week to post instead of writing. People LOVE to watch short segments on helpful topics. Why not answer common patient questions in a weekly vlog?

7. Find interesting articles or current events and use them as a jumping off point

Chances are good that an interesting article or trending topic can be the starting point for a great blog. If you think it is interesting, you will be able to write about it.


8. Keep it short

Blog posts don’t need to be 4,000 words! Don’t put yourself under the pressure of writing a novel each week. Shoot for 8-1000 and you will be surprised how quickly you get there!


9. Outsource (with caution)

There are services and freelancers out there hungry for gigs. It is possible to outsource your blog–but a word of warning…make sure to find someone at least familiar with dentistry that can speak intelligently about it and represent you and your brand well.


10. Just start

Just start. As Anne Lamott says:” Write a shitty first draft”– from there you can tweak and edit your piece into something great.

If you have a blog you are proud of we would love to follow you! Please leave a link in the comments below! If you don’t have a blog, but you do have some kick-ass ideas to share with the world ReminMedia is the perfect turn-key option to amplify your ideas.

Want to know more about why blogging is awesome? Here are some of our favorite blog posts about it:

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Fast Company: 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog



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