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Social Reach Decoded

Social Reach Decoded
Austin Kelly

We have been on a mission to help doctors know enough about social media lingo to be dangerous. If you have missed the last few articles, check them out.


Social Reach

Dry definition:

“The estimated number of individuals in the audience of a social media broadcast that is reached at least once during a specific period of time.”


Social Reach


Social reach can easily be understood as: how many eyes and ears come across your social media marketing message.


If you recall our example of a social media manager being our talent agent, your social reach is how many movie stars (potential patients) your talent agent (social media manager) can actually reach. Sadly, this is how some people are lead to believe that more followers the better.


Think if you were an actor and your talent agent has been in the soap opera industry for YEARS but you wanted to star in action movies. Do you think your going to star in many action movies? No way!

It’s about finding your relevant audience. The right message to the wrong people won’t make you get more patients in the door. That’s why it’s important to build up your following full of relevant people on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


We all want our social reach to be big, but if it is full of the wrong people it won’t do us any good.

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