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Engagement and Content Marketing Decoded

Engagement and Content Marketing Decoded
Austin Kelly

When you start to have a conversation with people, you learn new things, things that will move your practice forward. By engaging your customers, you can find out what people want.



  • What do they like to hear you talk about?
  • What kind of offers do people like and share?
  • What kind of offers do they not share?
  • What kind of content do they want to read?


Engagement is like a chemical reaction, when you deliver content your patients want, it sparks action–which is exactly what you want.

Speaking of content…

Content Marketing


You can be happy or you can be content.


Dry definition: “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts


Content marketing is simply the act of creating great, valuable stuff for your patients.


No channel is mutually exclusive to one another. You can make something great and reuse it in another way.

content marketing


Some good examples for dentists of how this can work…


  • A blog post on “How flossing is correlated with living longer” which is shared via Twitter and picked up (retweeted) by a dental health network
  • A video uploaded to Youtube on “How to REALLY floss your teeth” which is then posted on your Facebook full of patients who share it with their friends
  • Dual purpose content. A video testimonial of your patient is put on YouTube. Your staff transcribes it and puts it as a text testimonial on your website.
  • Quick guides. A emergency quick checklist for mom’s to review if their child gets a tooth knocked out or chipped that contains a link for contacting your office.

A good content marketing campaign spurs engagement with your patients and colleagues. It can position you as an influencer and the go-to office for expert care.

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