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Combat the Value Myth: Who Do You Think You Are?

Combat the Value Myth: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chris Moriarity

If you missed it, you need to check out Why Creating Value is a Myth.

Let’s get right to the point. Every time a patient with a nice car, $200 jeans and an iPhone balks at a treatment plan…we get mad. Sometimes, downright angry!


“You need to create value!” says every non-helpful person ever.

Can anyone tell me, what that even means?

Spoiler alert! You can’t create value. If there were a truly magic way to do this, business would be a cinch for anyone with a library card. But it’s not. So, let’s take a closer look.


Let’s pretend you’re not a dentist. You own a car dealership. A nice one, let’s say BMW’s.  You have beautiful sales floor, professional high-end everything and the best cars in town.  One day you wake up and you notice they’re building a KIA dealership across the street.  Do you panic? Maybe, but I highly doubt anyone on their way to the BMW dealership is making a hard-left into the KIA lot. Actually,  you may see a little of the reverse.  Bonus!


So, let’s think about this.  Why didn’t we panic?  We panic every time a new dentist pops up in town, don’t we?


Even if you’ve never owned a BMW or KIA, I’ll bet you could list some differences. How do we know these things? Are we psychic?  No, millions of dollars have been spent to make sure we know exactly who BMW and KIA stand for, who they service and whether or not we are more of a KIA person or a BMW person–right? The thing everyone forgets in this example is that it doesn’t matter if you are BMW or KIA, they both make billions.



If all dentistry was free, and all the buildings where the same, why would anyone come to you?  The answer to that is what you HAVE to get to the people of your community. When no intentional effort has been made to develop who you are, you get lost in the wash. That my friend is when you lose.

In my next article I will talk about why it is a mistake to treat all of your patients the same…I know, sounds mean right. Trust me, there is a method to my madness–don’t miss it.

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