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#atthedentist – Hilarious Live Tweets from the Dental Chair

#atthedentist – Hilarious Live Tweets from the Dental Chair

Everything happens in real time these days; even reporting on ones trip to the dentist. We found many people turn to Twitter to report live from the chair. It turns out, some are pretty hilarious.


Did you know you can actually KILL a patient’s mouth? Well, according to @Fephani it’s emoji1totally a thing:

My mouth is dead! #atthedentist


Although @Julianna_M sees the experience much differently, apparently she doesn’t get out much:

Party in my mouth! #AtTheDentist



Some patients tweet rather personal things about your time together…emoji2

@Elyssa_Brown I can’t feel my face when I’m with you. #Dentist

@m_fellows Can’t wait to spend the next hour with a man’s fingers in my mouth #atthedentist





While others get a tad existential about the whole thing:

?@kenright40 Is this misery karma for something? I went to church twice last week. I recycled a bottle at the mall. This is garbage #atthedentist

?@visha_bhargava That moment when you really want to run into wilderness but you have to stay to save your teeth! #atthedentist #hatedentaldrilling



Some show their inner child a bit too much…  

?@taylorfrances7 ?MOM IM AN ADULT I CAN STAY OUT AS LATE AS I emoji3WANT but please schedule my dentist appt

@girlideas My lips are numb and I hate this music. #atthedentist

@iSofiee I see pointy, sharp, scary things #atthedentist



And some just start questioning…everything.

@Bec_AS “How often do you floss?” Who answers that honestly? It’s like saying you read and agreed to the terms. #atthedentist

?@russ12781 We have self-cleaning ovens, why can’t I have self-cleaning teeth? Come on scientists #atthedentist



But don’t worry, most patients are too focused on their own bodily functions to spend time thinking about you.

@cicaleb_bug OMG. IM SO HUNGRY … BUT MY TEETH NEED TO STAY CLEAN #AtTheDentist #FirstWorldProblems

@NashvilleDeuce Is that smell coming from me? #AtTheDentist


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