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Grow your business 30%? Beat out 90% of your competitors? Do THIS and you can.

Grow your business 30%? Beat out 90% of your competitors? Do THIS and you can.

When most people think about edging out the competition they immediately think about service mix or more CE credits. Here is the thing…in the digital age if you want to be known as an expert, known as the best of the best, there is something you need to be doing. Publishing.


I know most of us didn’t get a degree in journalism and the thought of putting pen to paper is scary. However, these (few) reasons may be a motivation.

1.  61% of consumers are more likely to buy your services if you are creating custom content.

2. Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month.


3. Content creation ranks as the single most effective SEO technique.

If you still are not convinced, here is a roundup of successful folks who have tapped into the power of publishing content.


“Great content, written in a digestible way, provides readers with value, and an opportunity to experience your style. Less than 10% of your competitors take the time to hone writing skills – let that be your advantage!”

Vicki McManus Peterson
CEO Productive Dentist Academy

“Links2success has grown over 30% due to partnering with a good editor to help get my content published. Growth was one important goal, but what is better is the publicity of my information has given thousands of patients the ability to have trained team members who are able to provide diagnostic tests and allow patients who are able to utilize medical benefits are now able to do so. Amazing.”

Christine Taxin
President, Links2Success


“Being published is always great for your practice and for you professionally. Many new patients find me via the internet, the more exposure you have the more likely they will find you. The more you are published the more credibility it gives you as a leader in the profession.”

Dr. V. Kim Kutsch

Finally, here is what Kevin Henry, who spends his day gathering quality content for publications such as has to say:

“Publishing an article establishes you as a knowledgable person in that field. I know of several authors who have received consulting work as a result of an article that they published through our magazines and newsletters. Dentists are often looking for answers to some of their toughest problems by reading articles in our publications. When they like what an author has to say and some of the advice that is given, they will often follow up with the author for more information.”

Kevin Henry
Group Editorial Director
UBM Medica Dental Division


If you have zero experience in writing articles, Remin Media is a great place to start. Our editorial team takes extra time with new authors to hone skills and get their content 100% amazing. If you have questions or want to know more feel free to contact our editor directly here.

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