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Dear Patient, I’m not the asshole you think I am. Sincerely, your Dentist

Dear Patient, I’m not the asshole you think I am. Sincerely, your Dentist

Dear dental patient,

Most of the dental professionals I know are normal, nice regular people. It is a shame that the general public thinks it is okay to despise a group of people based on their profession, but historically groups have been hated for stranger things I suppose. The thing is, we don’t deserve it. Sure there are always assholes no matter the profession, but there are a few things that I want you to know about us…and maybe, just maybe you can start hating us a little less.


Most dentists got into the profession because they want to help people.

For some odd reason diagnosing disease in the mouth makes dentists cruel while diagnosing disease anywhere else in the body is respected. Next time you start to hate your dentist because they poke around in your mouth…remember physicians CUT PEOPLE OPEN WITH SAWS!

We prepare for your visit, so please don’t cancel last minute.

Most good dental offices spend a lot of time making sure their patients are cared for. They meet early each day to discuss each patient on the schedule so everyone is prepared to provide the best service. If you call and cancel last minute, it is disrespectful to us and other patients.


You aren’t just a dollar sign.

I can’t tell you how many people gripe about the car their dentist drives. Patients feel like dentists are just out to make a buck. Most dentists I know start out their career almost a million dollars in debt. If they can provide their community a service and finally earn a living for themselves and their family, who cares what they choose to drive?

Most dentists are trying damn hard to make you comfortable.

Have you noticed dental offices these days feel more like day spas? Free drinks, movies, warm blankets and calming music? Dentists are acutely aware of the discomfort people experience in their office—hell dentists don’t even like getting work done. BUT, dentists are trying damn hard to make sure you are relaxed. Give them a little credit for trying huh.


We may not be the best communicators…but we are good at dentistry.

We know what we are doing. We spend countless hours in continuing education courses and are always looking to improve our skills. We are engineers of the mouth, and zero classes we took in school focused on mastering small talk. Don’t hold it against us. We know what we are doing where it counts. If you want to chitchat Pam at the front desk is amazing.

We are dedicated to what we do because we believe it matters.

We know most people don’t want to come see us, yet we still show up to work every day. We work hard and treat each of our patients with respect, no matter how they feel about us. It isn’t easy some days, but we believe in the work that we do so we will keep showing up. We don’t blame you for your discomfort or your anxiety about coming to see us, but don’t hate me for the work I choose to do. We are on the same team. I am not an asshole and I hope you won’t be one to me either.



Your Dentist

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  • Boris Badenuff

    Yes you are the asshole we think you are.

  • Lauren Cox

    Maybe they should teach small talk or at least how to treat your patient with general kindness. For example, when the patient is obviously distressed the right thing to say isn’t “I’m not hurting you.” Wow! I didn’t know you could experience my emotions. What class did they teach that in?

  • bheron

    No, I hate my dentist for being a sarcastic prick about my teeth.

  • Ted

    This is rich. Dentists, for the most part, are very creepy people. They are a necessary evil, but every dentist I have met has something off about them. The biggest problem is you can’t see what they see when your mouth is gaping open and they are staring at you as you lie helplessly in a chair. Then they start with unnecessary snide comments about flossing or candy.