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About Vicki McManus

Vicki McManus

Hi, I’m Vicki McManus, Contributor for Remin Media

I’m a fearless climber of molehills, and destroyer of mountains.








  • I was born near the Okefenokee swamp (10 points if you can pronounce it)
  • Was given my first BB gun at age 6
  • Took Dale Carnegie classes at age 17 (so I could influence without the use of said BB gun)
  • Married to an amazing man – Pete Peterson (yes, everyone always says both names)
  • Can impersonate a water sprinkler.
  • Have an amazing gift of Perfect Parking that comes in handy during Peak Shopping Seasons.
  • Just learned how to make chocolate pudding out of Avocado and Dates (don’t judge).

Founding-Contributor Bronze-Contributor





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