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About Bob Bowers

Bob Bowers

Hi, I’m Bob Bowers, Chief Content Officer for Remin Media

I love hearing and reading the amazing stories shared by leaders in dentistry.







  • My wife and I have 3 young boys who challenge me every day to be a better man, and allow me little sleep
  • I am obsessed with reading new business books and struggle with too many ideas and not enough time
  • In 1999 I was the first employee of a dental company that started in the CEO’s basement; 10 years later that company sold to a large competitor
  • I am a certified gym rat who learned long ago that there is no such thing as too much “pre-workout”
  • FDA Medical Device Consultant
  • Published author






Recent Posts
How to be the ‘Amazon Prime’ of Dental Care -

One of the most incredible shifts in the customer/service realm has been the success of Amazon Prime. Amazon took what was merely a transactional relationship with its customers and flipped the relationship into what is known as a known asset.



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Neuroscience: 3 Dental Office Hacks to Increase Treatment Acceptance -

According to neuroscience experts, 95 to 99.99 percent of thoughts, emotions, and learning occurs without our conscious awareness. Yet dental professionals spend all of their time appealing to the .01 to 5 percent of the cognitive, rational areas of the ... Read More

Why Today’s Dental Insurance Sucks for Patients and Dentists -

Every individual has an oral environment and subgingival and supragingival biofilm that is as specific to them as their fingerprint. For that reason, each and every patient requires an oral care regimen and often a restorative treatment plan that is ... Read More

Dear Dentist: An open letter from your dental insurance “partner” -

Dear Participating Dentist,

This letter is to address some of the complaints we have received lately from our participating dentists with regard to our dental insurance business practices.


1. Yes, we decline valid pre-authorizations and claims on purpose.

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6 Things the Dental Team Expects From Their Leader -

Human beings are complex, and leading a group of people is not for the faint of heart, the spineless, the heartless or the unkind. With the multiplicity of the human personality, how does one navigate the needs of their team while ... Read More

7 Tips to Eliminating Hygiene No-Shows -

Nothing destroys practice productivity like appointment no-shows. Here are 7 steps to eliminating appointment breakage.



Have a goal

You know what would be really boring? Watching a football game that had no end zones and no scoreboard. Make a ... Read More

Are you a dental discount addict? -

Most businesses have a goal of staying in business; things like retention, word of mouth, trust, and a respectable reputation are important to them. But, they send a different message when they choose to play the discount manipulation game with ... Read More

How to develop an Ideal Patient Profile to attract the right patients to your practice -

One of the few things my wife and I do NOT see eye to eye on is how to go shopping.  When I go shopping I know exactly what I am going to purchase, the brand, the model, and the ... Read More

5 pitfalls of the struggling practice…and how to avoid them -

In 15 years working in the dental field I have talked with thousands of dentists. Some doctors I meet are having the time of their lives, growing their practices, working with their teams, and loving life. Others seem to be 1 ... Read More

6 ways to improve your dental Facebook page to get more patients -

81% of adults are on the internet. The largest social media outlet used is Facebook. I think we can all agree that if you aren’t paying much attention to your practice Facebook account, it is probably time to start.  Using ... Read More