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About Laura Hatch

Laura Hatch

Hi, I’m Laura Hatch, Contributor for Remin Media

I am a dental office manager and a trainer at heart that loves to help dental teams, especially at the front desk become Dental Office Rock Stars.







  • Started from scratch two very successful dental office, one outside Baltimore MD and one now in San Diego.
  • Laura is the owner of Front Office Rocks, the leader in web-based front office training for dental practices, founded to help and train fellow dental practices and teams. She has managed two fee for service scratch practices, which under her management have both grown to million dollar production offices with a staff of 16 and average 80 new patients per month.
  • In my heart of hearts, I am a trainer – not a consultant.  I feel like I am meant to help as many front office staff as possible with great training so they can do their job more efficiently and effectively.
  • I love the Baltimore Ravens… I might be on the side of almost be fanatical about them (no pun intended).
  • I am an office manager first and foremost and love it. 
  • I am a very proud mom of two and happily married to an amazing dentist.
  • I talk a lot
  • I know I am a good trainer
  • I am good with people
  • I am good dealing with dentists
  • I can cross stitch- good skill to have for when I am old, I guess

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