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About Jeff Griswold

Jeff Griswold

Hi, I’m Jeff Griswold, Contributor for Remin Media

My team and I act as personal Chief Financial Officer for accomplished dentists and their families.







  • My wife and I have two amazing kids and one small fluffy dog
  • When away from the office or not with family, I am likely on a bike
  • I love the business and financial sides of dentistry
  • Helping doctors and their families meet their goals is what makes me jump out of bed five days a week!

Comprehensive financial planning, including:

  • Cash flow management for dentists
  • Debt reduction for dentists
  • Retirement planning for dentists
  • Insurance planning for dentists
  • Estate planning for dentists
  • Charitable planning for dentists
  • Tax planning for dentists
  • College savings
  • Investment consulting and management

Jeff Griswold, CPWA®, AIF®
President & Wealth Advisor
Merit Wealth Management, LLC

404 SW Columbia St. STE 214
Bend, OR 97702
888 51-MERIT (888.516.3748)


Founding-Contributor Bronze-Contributor





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