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About Janelle Blondin

Janelle Blondin

Hi, I am Janelle Miller Blondin, Reporter for ReminMedia

I enjoy helping give dental professionals a voice to promote the advancement of dentistry.







  • I am a newlywed and often say or sign the wrong last name
  • I am a dental hygienist… which validates my obsession with flossing
  • I no longer work for a dentist so I get my jollies cleaning my dog’s teeth (she’s a terrible patient but we get through it)
  • I hate being asked what my hobbies are because it’s a harsh reminder that I don’t really have any 🙂
  • I graduated from OIT as a Registered Dental Hygienist






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There are five main causes of tooth decay. By using pattern recognition you will be able to identify these “usual suspects” in your own patients.

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