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Commenting policy

Everyone on our site has opinions. Everyone! You may not agree with the opinions you read, and that is okay… in fact, we love that.

We welcome comments, discussion, and disagreeing opinions. All Remin Media users are treated with respect, and we ask that you do the same. We are dedicated to maintaining engaging, informative, and respectful conversation. To ensure this, we have some basic rules to keep things fun and civilized.


Be yourself

Please use your real name when commenting on Remin Media. No misrepresenting yourself or others, or spreading misinformation.


Comments may be pre-moderated

On some posts, comments may go through a moderator before being approved. We welcome your opinions and hope you voice them, but please do so in a respectful manner.


We reserve the right to not publish, or delete, any comments

If we find a comment to be threatening, hateful, insulting in nature, purely promotional, or just uncalled for… it’s not happening. Let’s keep this fun people! Individuals consistently posting this type of information may be permanently excluded from our site.


Remin Media moderators reserve the right to remove anyone or anything, for any reason, at any time.